Unplugged Board Game Night: Session 1

Unplugged Board Game Night: Session 1

Finally! Face-to-face board gaming with others is here. We had a great turnout for Game night #1. Several new faces, some old faces too! I can say that now that I will be 50 next week. HA!

There was no theme this week in terms of games so there was a wide range of games. Here are some I know were played:

We played from about 5:30 till around 10:00 when the old folks were tired. Our next game night is June 11, 2021. The theme is Dice Throws. This night is themed around dice games…though you can play others. We will feature Dice Forge, Roll Player, Dice Throne, Roll Through The Ages, Roll for the Galaxy, Conquest of Nerath, That’s so Clever, Sagrada, King of Tokyo. If you have other games that use dice feel free to bring them along. Don’t forget to RSVP so I have an idea of how many to expect. Bring snacks to share and feel free to bring your dinner as we don’t typically provide a full meal at the game night.

We are also planning a Mini-Con to finish the season up. The plan is to hold the mini-con on August 7th from 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM. We will have breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be on your own. We will have door prizes and maybe even a tournament or two throughout the day. More details coming soon.


Robin leads Downforce

You can′t go wrong with Ticket to Ride

Tokaido...a trip through Japan

A fierce battle ensued with Dice Throne

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